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Do you know where your critical strategic data lives? Is it in your ERP, or in your CRM, Microsoft 365, web analytics and marketing automation platforms, or in other systems and solutions? It’s in all of them and more.

We work with companies across a wide variety of industry verticals to help them capitalize on the possibilities afforded by business analytics. We collaborate to deliver real-time analytics, business intelligence and assist them with governance, risk and compliance. We collect and analyze market information quickly, so that it yields relevant business insights at reduced costs.

With our expert Business Analytics Consultants, you can derive deeper insights from your customer journey data and optimize business offerings as per the touchpoints. We can function as an extension of your Business Analytics Services division or as an add-on Data Analytics Service Providers just when and where you need. Be it expanding the business to new segments or venturing into potential markets or optimizing an existing process for maximal business revenue, our Business Analyst Consultants will assist you in creating sustainable competitive differentiation that drives business excellence.

Transform Data Into Insight and Action

Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics enables marketers to measure, manage and analyze marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI).

Sales Analytics

Sales analysis provides insights into the efforts of the sales team. Efficiently manage your sales pipeline, forecast sales and target customers to increase conversion rates.

HR Analytics

Human Resource Analytics deals with the process of analyzing everything from recruitment to performance assessment and more at-a-glance.

Finance Analytics

The financial aspects of the business are crucial in defining its future. Financial Data Analytics involves processing critical business data with unprecedented speed, accuracy, and confidence.

Customer Care Analytics / BPO

The most important part of any business is its customers. Customer data analytics helps you to better understand your customer needs and how to serve them quickly and effectively.

Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain analysis involves processing raw data containing a variety of factors such as people, activities, organization, resources, information, etc. of the supply chain to improve its operational effectiveness.

Manufacturing Analytics

Manufacturing analytics can help understand the trends in the business, identify the areas that are bringing in profits, and the ones that need improvement.

Retail Analytics

Retail analytics, a very crucial form of analytics, provides an overview of the placement of your product, sales, inventory, customers (current and potential) and other aspects.

Our key Business Analytics Services

Streaming Analytics

Dashboarding and Visualization

Business Intelligence

Data Integration

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Business Reporting

Data Grids / Data Lake Architecture

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