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XML API Integration

We at Hetarth Consulting provide effective integration of 3rd party Web Services / XML API into your existing application. We provide hassle-free integration of both SOAP and REST APIs. Get real time availability of flights, hotels, excursion, Car, transfer, packages through XML API Integration.

More than a decade in the travel technology guarantees competence in XML API integration, with having the experience to work with GDS, worldwide hotel XML suppliers like RoomsXML, Travel Boutique(TBO), DOTW, GTA, Hotelbeds, SMILE, TRAVCO, TransHotels, HotelsPro, Orbitz etc.

In addition to the XML API integration, our team offers dedicated support with maintenance, with regular updates related to already implemented XML API & travel portals.

We’re also open to partner with travel startups and technology companies to help them bring in the much needed digital transformation.

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  • Unlimited Distribution Capability
  • GDS & Non-GDS Supplier Integration
  • B2C & B2B Sales Channels
  • Multilingual & Multi-Currency
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • MIS Reports & Dashboards
  • Strict NDA to Ensure Privacy
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Source Code Authorization
  • Agile/Scrum/DevOps Process
  • Flexibility, Security & Scalability
  • 24*7 Technical Support

Connect to Market-Leading Travel API Suppliers Hetarth Consulting offers strategic partnership with GDS systems and API providers. We can work with any of the major travel aggregators in the world.

  • Global Distribution Systems(GDS)

    Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, Galileo

  • Hotel Aggregators

    Expedia, Transhotels, Booking.com, RoomsXML, Travel Boutique(TBO), DOTW, GTA, Hotelbeds,TRAVCO, HotelsPro, Orbitz, OYO

  • Transfers Aggregators

    CarTrawler, Hotelbeds, Adriagate

  • Cruise Aggregators

    Hotelbeds, Cruisebe, Cruisewatch, Adriagate

  • Flights Aggregators

    Travelfusion, TBO Holidays, Priceline, Mystifly, Kiwi

  • Car Rental Aggregators

    CarTrawler, Priceline, Travelfusion, Skyscanner, Avis

  • Tour & Activity Aggregators

    Viator, Hotelbeds, Rezgo, Musement, Adriagate, GetYourGuide, Klook

  • Payment Gateways

    Stripe, Payfort, Paypal, 2checkout, PayU, Authorize.net, SagePay, Buckaroo, CCAvenue RazorPay

GDS API Integration

GDS stands for Global Distribution System is a global computerized reservation system used as a single point of approach for checking status & making a booking for flights, hotel rooms, rental cars, packages, and other travel-related services.

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Flight API Integration

By integrating Flight API with your own software solution, you as a travel service provider can offer unbeatable travel related services to your potential clients.

Our team delivers you with complete integration support, enabling clients to make real-time bookings from your website. We tend to focus on creating a flight booking engine portal with the best affordable costs.

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Hotel API Integration

Integrating third party Hotel APIs into your website allows you to access a huge range of accommodations along with real-time rates & availability, amenities & all other important information regarding the hotel room.

There has never been a better way for you to develop your Hotel Booking Platform using content from multiple supplier sources that can meet the exact requirements of your customers.

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Car Rental API Integration

Integrating car rental booking software with API not only adds more clarity to the Car Booking system of your travel portal but also supports your customers with the services of multiple car rental booking companies and providers.

We will adapt our system to fit your brand, and will provide all the support to integrate your website with third party Car Rental APIs. We aim to provide a new dimension of service concept, and always strive to stay at the technological forefront at all times by offering the best solutions for the travel industry.

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Tour & Activity API Integration

The Tours and Activities API helps you search and book activities, sightseeing tours, day trips and museum tickets for all destinations around the world.

We will adapt our system to fit your brand, and will provide all the support to integrate your website with third party Tour & Activity APIs. We aim to provide a new dimension of service concept, and always strive to stay at the technological forefront at all times by offering the best solutions for the travel industry.

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Cruise API Integration

Being one of the dominant travel technology companies, Hetarth Consulting offers Cruise API solutions to travel operators throughout the world. Our efforts strongly drive-by smooth user experience that can be only accomplished through the application of enhanced technology.

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Key Features of Our Travel XML API Integration Services

B2C & B2B Sales Channels

Sell your inventories towards your customers & sales agents on markup or discount basis via B2C & B2B distribution channels.

GDS & Non-GDS Supplier Integration

Integrate third party XML/SOAP API from GDS like Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport or OTAs like Expedia, Priceline, Booking.com, Travelstart etc.

Real Time Availability & Pricing

Offering real time availability of flights, hotels, excursion, car, transfer, packages through XML API Integration.

Price Aggregation

Aggregate prices from multiple sources & suppliers to provide a much more diverse offering to your clients.

Flexible Travel Search

Flexible travel search of Hotels, Flights, Tour and Transfers in one platform with flexible dates & locations.

Free Mobile Apps

Get your iOS and Android App as Progressive Web Apps(PWA) along with your mobile responsive web application for free.

Vouchers & Coupons

Vouchers, coupons & gift certificates make it easy to market, present and sell your offer in an attractive way.

Email & SMS Automation

Save time by sending automated personalized emails and sms messages to your customers and staff. Use your own FROM address.

Multilingual & Multi-Currencies

Enjoy multilingual and multi currencies support towards your B2C & B2B sales channels along with mobile apps.

Payment Gateway Integration

Accept deposits or full payments, whether optional or obligatory. We never charge a commission on the payments.

MIS Reports & Dashboards

We offer a wide variety of reports which you can also export. Dashboards provide you with up-to-date important business analytics.

24*7 Technical Support

Get 24*7 remote tech support via online calls, phone & chat for free & timely manager on any of our solutions.

Why Hetarth Consulting? We are a software product engineering and services company specializing in user experience design and cutting-edge technologies.

Product Engineering

Our clients stay ahead of competition with our solutions and products delivered to them following industry standard best practices from Idealisation to Product Launch.

Agile Methodology

Agile approaches help our teams respond to enhancement, unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences and empirical feedback.


Seamless communication, collaboration, and cohesion among developers and IT operations teams for faster high quality deliverables.

Continuous Integration

Integrate code into a mainline code base faster and Deliver the enhancements to your feature rich apps continuously with our expertise in Quick Time to Market.