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We turn innovation into differentiation by putting custom systems and skill sets in place to realize your vision at scale. Our engineering services are strategically positioned to respond to real-time customer needs and build technology offerings that are highly competitive while focusing on continuous cost improvements.

All of our engineering services start with our customer’s business requirements and conclude with the delivery of measurable business value.

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Why Engineer with Hetarth Consulting?

Easy Head-Start

We ease the start of the development process for you. You have the opportunity to test the water with our pilot project. With a small budget, short timeframe, you gain an understanding of how we communicate, engineer and deliver results.

Thorough Business Analysis

You get well thought out prototypes based on a deep analysis of your requirements. We let you see the big picture before the start of the project, so that you can make any changes while in the early stage, which could save up to 40% of your engineering costs.

Streamlined Processes

We believe standard project management methodologies, as they are by definition, look good only on paper. Therefore, we use combinations of Scrum-based, Kanban and Waterfall methodologies along with well-established practices.

Experienced Specialists

We have qualified engineers who are ready to board your web and mobile project. Our engineers have an adequate proficiency to communicate the inventive ideas to you which will make the solution work even more effectively.

Agile Approach

Our agile development ensures timely delivery to our clients, higher quality of the product, and reduces the overall risks. In the agile model, both development and testing activities are concurrent, unlike the waterfall model.

Competitive Price

Get dedicated experienced nearshore backend specialists for a price you can’t find in the world. This is mainly because of the wide gap that exists between personnel costs in India and that of the developed countries.

Here Is a Snapshot of Technologies We Use


Back End Engineering


Front End Engineering


MVC Frameworks




Cross-Platform & Native Mobile


Data & Analytics


Cloud & DevOps