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Are you a leader who is looking to build a team that everyone in the organisation will talk about? A team that will make your colleagues and peers jealous? A team that will make you look good in front of your boss? A good Scrum Master can do it. Scrum Masters help teams and product owners to coordinate all their product activities effectively.

Hetarth Consulting offers professional Certified Scrum Master with an in-depth knowledge about the growing trends of technology, as well as effectively following Scrum theory, rules and practices.

Our Certified Scrum Masters guide your team efficiently by coaching about cross functionalities and create high-value products and solutions with a focus on eliminating challenges for the progress of client’s development teams.

Looking to hire Scrum Master at affordable prices? Get dedicated Scrum developers with 5+ years of average experience on hourly or full time (dedicated monthly) basis.

Hire remote Scrum Master as per your requirements to make savings up to 60% of the development & maintenance cost.

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  • Strict NDA to Ensure Privacy
  • Source Code Authorization
  • Save 60% on Development Cost
  • Agile/DevOps Process
  • Fast and Easy Onboarding
  • Complete Control Over Team
  • Database Design & ORM
  • API Design and Development
  • MVC Framework
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Security & Scalability
  • 24*7 Technical Support

Agile/Scrum Implementation Services Offered By Hetarth Consulting

Agile Transformation

Is your organization struggling with how to scale Agile Scrum throughout the entire enterprise? Our consultants can facilitate a productive conversation of what the organization really needs from scaling Scrum and provide tailored solutions to help you make progress towards your scaling goal.

Scrum Execution & Management Planning

Our dedicated Certified Scrum Masters offer seamless facilitation to plan your project execution into Scrum Framework.

Review Scrum Processes

Certified Scrum professionals with the ability to review effectively Agile practices/processes for software development.

Scrum Coaching

Deliver effective coaching skills to implement Scrum methodologies supporting development of software applications.

Scrum Training

Identify, train and mentor your internal Scrum Master candidates and introduce new technical practices to your organization.

  • Full Time Hiring
    Part Time Hiring
    Hourly Hiring
  • Hours / Day (Min)
    8 Hours
    4 Hours
    Hour Basis
  • Hours / Week (Min)
    40 Hours
    20 Hours
    Hour Basis
  • Hours / Month (Min)
    160 Hours
    80 Hours
    Hour Basis
  • Hiring Period (Min)
    1 Month
    1 Month
    25 Hours
  • Methodology
  • Communication
    Phone, Chat(Skype, Whatsapp), E-mail
  • Project Reporting
    Trello, Jira, Basecamp etc.
  • Warranty
    90 Days Unconditional Warranty

Hiring Process We Follow 7 Easy Steps to Hire Dedicated Developers


Tell us in brief about your ideas and needs. Don’t worry, it’s secure and confidential.

Select CV

Shortlist candidates which best fit in your needs by viewing their CVs.

Conduct Interview

Take an interview of the selected candidates over a phone or video call.

Select Candidate

Based on the interview, select impressive candidates and add them to your team.

15 Days Risk Free Trial

Try out risk free web development services for upto 2 weeks before actually signing with us.

Sign Off and Start

Sign off a 3 months contract and get started with your project.

Not Satisfied

If you are not satisfied with the resource, you are always capable of choosing a new resource.