Our Engagement Models for Laravel Application Development

September 11, 2021

Last Updated: September 22, 2022

Hetarth Consulting offers a wide range of nearshore and offshore development services, and our well-defined engagement models ensure that we can maximize the benefits of outsourcing, whether you are a Startup, SME or a large enterprise.

We understand that different clients have different needs, hence we have a flexible and efficient engagement model for Laravel web application development.

What are the engagement models?

In simple terms, an engagement model is the plan of action between you and your client. It will basically shape the relationship between you two in terms of Laravel consulting services. It consists of factors such as fixed cost, duration, project-based engagements, and so on.

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Types of Engagement Models We Offer:

Fixed Time & Cost Estimate

We offer this model to customers when the scope and specification of the project is clear and has defined needs and timelines. On the basis of a requirements document provided by the client, we work to achieve the specified goals. First, the milestones are set and the payment is fixed. The price for the entire project is agreed upon and payments are made as milestones are met. If your requirements are clear and set, you can choose this model and ensure on-time and on-budget delivery.

  • The fixed model has exact budget defined in advance
  • Billing is based on milestones completed
  • Change in scope needs client approval, ensuring budget never exceeds
  • Low risk or risk-free model for service provider and client as cost and the timeline are fixed before the project is initiated

Time & Material

When the specification and scope of the project is not determined and involves constant variations, we usually offer a Time & Material model which allows clients to alter team size, project timelines and resources of the ongoing project as per market trends. Since projects tend to evolve during their development cycle necessitating additional or lesser resources, the project in this model is billed on an hourly and monthly basis depending on the resource utilized in the project.

  • Best option when the project scope is constantly changing.
  • Option for client to make hourly, daily, weekly or monthly payment.
  • Flexible model, allowing client to experiment with new activity and requirements.
  • Change project resources based on the project’s evolving life cycle.

Hire Dedicated Team

Dedicated models work best for projects which require quick scaling or require expert developers to work on a long-term basis. This type of model is perfect to meet tight project deadlines, sudden team expansion or hiring a developer for emerging technologies, flexibility is the need of the hour. You retain complete control over processes and drive strategy to manage resources. Flexible and highly scalable, our dedicated developers are ideal for clients with varying business schedules or productivity demands.

  • Best model for clients with in-house staff to manage the projects.
  • Get dedicated developers assigned to your project.
  • Virtual employees working exclusively for your team

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We are a Laravel app development company having some of the best developers in the industry. Our Laravel app development services come with intuitive engagement models for our client’s best experience.

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